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Bal Vihar means young children in a fun environment and this is what our school stands for. We are a gujarati school open to all young people to support the development of confidence in speaking gujarati, learning about the gujarati culture and heritage through fun and interactive methods.  We aim to move away from the traditional reciprocal and pedagogical methods of teaching towards a more learner focused and inclusive approach.

Many cultures have a wealth of children's songs at their disposal, and use them as part of children's early development. The Gujarati culture is no different!

Our teaching methods are based on the highly successful principles used by Sansaar, a dedicated charity whose aim is to promote learning the “Gujarati language among young children through fun and music.” Sansaar believe that one of the most enjoyable and effective ways of teaching language to young children is through music and fun and we are using the ‘Sansaar Teaching Method and Sansaar Products’ to do this within our school.

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